Solar Panel Power: Icing on the Cake

Our solar division is the icing on the Green Building Cake and completes our array of Energy Efficient services. We install, service and activate full residential and commercial solar panel systems. Your new solar energy system will significantly reduce or even eliminate your reliance on electric utilities. Installing solar panels that you own also increases the value of your home and the solar power system will typically pay for itself within 5-7 years. As we like to tell our customers…”It’s cheaper to do it than to not do it.” And you’ll be doing your part to conserve our natural resources by not using power from coal burning or natural gas fired power plants. Contact us to find out more! 413-529-0544 or

What factors differentiate Beyond Green Solar from other solar energy companies?

The best home solar panel contractors are always going to be local solar companies.  We operating only in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut and we are family owned and operated. As a small to mid-sized solar panel company, we have the expertise and crew to get your solar project done quickly and efficiently without huge overhead.  As a local family owned solar energy providers, we have based our business here in Easthampton, Massachusetts,  and we have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.  Unlike national solar panel companies, we don’t “lease” you solar panels.  We install a solar energy system for you, you own your solar panels.  We can work with one of our financing partners if you would like to finance the installation of your solar paneling, but at the end of the day it’s yours.

Being the owners of a smaller local solar power company, we have an enormous amount of experience and have found that it is not worth using cheap brands of equipment, our customers expect their solar power system to last 25 years or more.

As a local solar power companies we focus on cash sales and solar loans rather than selling solar leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s). More and more of our customers are realizing that owning their own solar panels saves them far more money than a solar lease with the bigger companies.   We always help our solar energy customers find solutions that offer them the best rate of return.


Beyond Green Construction is a leader in energy efficiency. To discover all the benefits of choosing Beyond Green for your solar panel installation project, or to receive a custom quote for our services, please contact us directly today.

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