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Beyond Green Construction specializes in a full spectrum of energy efficiency and alternative energy upgrades. Our specialized efficiency upgrades everything from basic air sealing and insulation to full blown Deep Energy Retrofits (DER’s) with integrated Solar Energy Systems!

Renovations & Home Improvement

Mass Save Energy Services

Beyond Green Construction is a partner with the Mass Save incentive program and is certified to perform energy efficiency measures according to the program guidelines. In addition to the Mass Save insulation and weatherization program Beyond Green can perform deeper, more complicated retrofits raising substantial energy reductions to 50% or greater, modeling after German Zero Energy Designs

Solar Installation

Our solar division is the icing on the Green Building Cake and completes our array of Energy Efficient services. We install service and activate full residential and commercial solar systems. Your new solar system will significantly reduce or even eliminate your reliance on electric utilities. Installing solar also increases the value of your home and the system will pay for itself within 5-7 years. As we like to tell our customers... "It's cheaper to do it than to not do it." And you'll be doing your part to conserve our natural resources by not using power from coal burning or gas fired power plants. Contact us to find out more! 413-529-0544 or info@beyondgreen.biz

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Training & Expertise

We have the training and expertise to work on historic homes with fine craftsmanship that require meticulous attention to detail when being retrofitted for maximum comfort and efficiency. We approach each project with the philosophy that the whole building is a system.

Deep Energy Retrofits

We're proud of the work we do

There is nothing more gratifying than helping homeowners become more comfortable in their homes, while reducing their monthly electric bills and  lowering their overall carbon footprint! Check out the testimonials and take the plunge! It feels good to do this type of work after you try it we are sure you will agree!

The results of a high-performance DER are dramatic:

more comfort + improved air quality + enhanced durability + substantial reductions in energy use in an existing building!


Beyond Green Construction is a family owned and operated green building and solar panel installation company based in Easthampton, MA. The BGC family; Sean, Andy, and Jamey Jeffords, were raised in a tradition of craftsmanship, developed through apprenticeships with their father’s company specializing in historic restoration and fine woodworking.

The brothers took what their father taught them, then added to their skills with additional energy efficiency education and solar paneling experience for cutting edge green building, insulation, energy efficiency,  and alternative energy techniques like solar power to prepare properties to meet the energy efficiency challenges of the 21st Century.

Our Mission is to diligently pursue best energy efficient building practices with a primary focus on restoring and creating healthy, safe, energy efficient and sustainable buildings for both residential and commercial properties.

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Beyond Green Construction is a leader in energy efficiency. To discover all the benefits of choosing Beyond Green for your energy efficiency project though MassSave or a solar panel installation, or to receive a custom quote for our services, please contact us directly today.

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