Energy Efficient Upgrades

Our specialized efficiency upgrades encompass everything from basic air sealing and insulation to full blown Deep Energy Retrofits with integrated Solar Energy Systems! We have the training and expertise to work on historic homes with fine craftsmanship that require meticulous attention to detail when being retrofitted for maximum comfort and efficien-cy. We approach each project with the philosophy that the whole building is a system. We understand that the interaction between occupants, moisture management, air infiltration and all the components that heat, cool and power the build-ing must all work together to create a healthy, safe, durable and efficient building. To achieve this goal, collaborative teamwork and communication is necessary between all participants from the homeowner to our in-house staff and our pool of subcontractors. In this way we accomplish communication and innovation that integrate you as part of the team in our high performance renovation strategies.

Deep Energy Retrofits

The results of a high performance Deep Energy Retrofit…More comfort + improved air quality + enhanced durability substantial reductions in energy use in an existing building!

Ice Dam Prevention

Heat loss causes ice dams and ice dams cause damage!

How Ice Dams Occur and the Solution. Three things are required for an ice dam to form: (1)snow, (2)heat to melt the snow and (3)cold to refreeze the melted snow into solid ice. Ice dams can form when as little as 1 or 2 inches of sn ow accumulates on a roof – if the roof is poorly insulated and not air sealed properly. Beyond Green Construction can fix poor insulation and air sealing problems, making your home more energy efficient and saving you from the costly damage caused by ice dams. We can also help you determine if any available incentives can help you pay for your insulation or if roof work will also be necessary to repair the problem.

Beyond Green Construction is a leader in energy efficiency. To discover all the benefits of choosing Beyond Green for your project, or to receive a custom quote for our services, please contact us directly today.

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