Deep energy retrofitted 1977 ranch. Includes solar thermal-powered radiant heat, super-insulated walls and attic (R-40 & R-60, respectively), and future PV. Will be Zero Net Energy Capable with PV.

  • Full air sealing measures
  • Upgrades to attic and exterior wall
  • New Smarter Windows Energy Star double pane
  • Double hung vinyl windows
  • Slab foundation insulation
  • Roof framing has been reinforced for future PV installation
  • New mechanical systems have been installed to take advantage of excellent, unobstructed solar southern exposure.

MassSave® Multi-Family Home Energy Efficiency program Brought HUGE Savings!

Energy Needs Met:

100% or More of Hot Water


75 to 99% Of Space Heating

Savings through MassSave

The owner calculated an average annual saving of $2,800!