Beyond Green Construction is a family owned and operated green building company based in Easthampton, MA. The BGC family, Sean, Andy and Jamey Jeffords, were raised in a tradition of craftsmanship, developed through apprenticeships with their father’s company specializing in historic restoration and fine woodworking. The brothers took what their father taught them, then added to their skills with additional education and experience for cutting edge green building, insulation and alternative energy techniques to prepare properties to meet the energy challenges of the 21st Century.



Energy Efficient Upgrades
Our specialized efficiency upgrades encompass everything from basic air sealing and insulation to full blown Deep Energy Retrofits with integrated Solar Energy Systems! We have the training and expertise to work on historic homes with fine craftsmanship that require meticulous attention to detail when being retrofitted for maximum comfort and efficiency. We approach each project with the philosophy that the whole building is a system. We understand that the interaction between occupants, moisture management, air infiltration and all the components that heat, cool and power the building must all work together to create a healthy, safe, durable and efficient building. To achieve this goal, collaborative teamwork and communication is necessary between all participants from the homeowner to our in-house staff and our pool of subcontractors. In this way we accomplish communication and innovation that integrate you as part of the team in our high performance renovation strategies.


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Home-massSaveMass Save®
Beyond Green Construction is a participating contractor for the Mass Save incentive program and is certified to perform energy efficiency measures according to the program guidelines. In addition to the MassSave insulation and weatherization program Beyond Green can perform deeper, more complicated retrofits raising substantial energy reductions to 50% or greater, modeling after German Passive House and Zero Energy designs.



Solar Power: Icing on the Cake
Our solar division is the icing on the Green Building Cake and completes our array of Energy Efficient services. We install, service and activate full residential and commercial solar systems. Your new solar system will significantly reduce or even eliminate your reliance on electric utilities. Installing solar also increases the value of your home and the system will pay for itself within 5-7 years. As we like to tell our customers…”It’s cheaper to do it than to not do it.” And you’ll be doing your part to conserve our natural resources by not using power from coal burning or natural gas fired power plants. Contact us to find out more! 413-529-0544 or info@BeyondGreen.biz



The results of a high performance Deep Energy Retrofit…

More comfort + improved air quality + enhanced durability
substantial reductions in energy use in an existing building


How Ice Dams Occur and the Solution. Three things are required for an ice dam to form: (1)snow, (2)heat to melt the snow and (3)cold to refreeze the melted snow into solid ice. Ice dams can form when as little as 1 or 2 inches of snow accumulates on a roof – if the roof is poorly insulated and not air sealed properly. Beyond Green Construction can fix poor insulation and air sealing problems, making your home more energy efficient and saving you from the costly damage caused by ice dams. We can also help you determine if any available incentives can help you pay for your insulation or if roof work will also be necessary to repair the problem.

Working With Your Budget
Beyond Green will assist you in determining a project plan to meet your goals and financial considerations. We can help you facilitate the process to access available incentives that support your project financially. We also offer a more accessible “phased style” approach that allows you to accomplish parts of your project one step at a time as time and finances allow.


We have the training and expertise to work on historic homes with fine craftsmanship that require meticulous attention to detail when being retrofitted for maximum comfort and efficiency. We approach each project with the philosophy that the whole building is a system.



At Beyond Green Construction, our team of professionals are all local residents of Western Mass and we appreciate the environment where we live and the people that live here with us in our community. We understand that in order for a community to thrive, local businesses must give back in donations & civic involvement to those who are in need and to support programs and organizations that provide important services to people that need it most. Some of the ways we do that include memberships and contributions to the following organizations:

  • Pioneer Valley Local First
  • Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity (PVHH)
  • Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network
  • Western Mass Green Consortium
  • Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
  • New England Clean Energy Council
  • Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA)
  • Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
  • Dakin Animal Shelter
  • Efficiency First
  • Home Builders and Remodelers
  • Local Chambers of Commerce



Sean Jeffords is CEO and managing partner for Beyond Green Construction. Sean is a licensed construction supervisor who has been building and renovating residential and commercial buildings with advanced framing and insulation techniques since 1987. Sean and some of his retrot projects have been featured nationwide on the Discovery Channel series “Renovation Nation”, and locally on WGBY’s “Making it Here”, as well as 22News and many other local media outlets. Sean has been a guest lecturer at UMass Amherst, Amherst College, Greenfield Community College and taught “Intro to Sustainable Living” and “Energy Efficiency” at Holyoke Community College. Sean also co-founded and acted as founding President (2008-2012) for the development of the Western Mass Green Consortium, a resource association for individuals, businesses, organizations and educators committed to environmentally and socially responsible lifestyles.

Andrew Jeffords is Lead project manager for Beyond Green and has a lifetime of experience having grown up in the trade with a family of carpenters. Andrew has worked in the construction industry his whole life and has since acquired skills that allow him to provide craftsmanship across this diverse field of general carpentry, fine woodworking, advanced insulation and other related construction skills that he uses to execute and manage projects on site. Of course, what he enjoys most is his family life with his wife and children. Your job will be in the best of hands with Andy!

Jamey JeffordsTeam Leaderfor Beyond Green is not only a master finish carpenter but has also pursued and accomplished advanced education in the fields of computer information systems and a Degree in Biology from U Mass Amherst. His education included marine studies in Hawaii as well as having worked as a wildlife biologist in Southern Florida. Being true to his New England carpentry roots has brought him back home as Beyond Green’s lead finish carpenter and insulation specialist for our insulation division.

Nicole Jeffords is Project Coordinator for Beyond Green Construction. Although young she has a lifetime of experience in the trade with her Father, Sean Jeffords and his two brothers Andrew Jeffords and Jamey Jeffords aka Nicole’s uncles. Nicole has experience managing multiple tasks and employees in retail and geriatrics. Nicole is the process of pursuing a degree in business management and construction at STCC. She manages Beyond Green’s busy schedule efficiently, handles the permitting and provides exceptional customer service to our clients. She is well on her way to running the company.

Andrew Endris is Solar Division Manager. Andrew has been interested in green building and renewable energy since childhood. He graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Environmental Science. He worked as a carpenter through college, building traditional and LEED Certified homes in Montana. After college he worked as an installer for a small solar company in Missoula, MT and began classes through Solar Energy International in their Solar Professionals Certificate Program , earning several certificates. Andrew has worked for several large solar companies as a Lead Installer, Quality Control Inspector, Project Manager and Energy Broker. Andrew is happy to be settled in the Pioneer Valley with his wife and son. They love exploring the beautiful outdoors in the Northeast. Whether it is hiking, skiing, climbing, biking or kayaking the Connecticut River, they love being surrounded by the natural environment.

Clay Crow Public Relations Coordinator Originally from Austin, Texas, Clay has 20 years of experience in Graphic design, marketing and fine art. Clay and his family moved to Easthampton from Seattle in 1999. Upon arriving in New England, Clay went to work as a designer and marketer for Omniglow Corporation, where he designed packaging and marketing materials for 6 years. In 2005, Clay opened a small sign shop, which he owned and operated for ten years. As a small businessperson, Clay joined the Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, and eventually joined the Board of Directors. Clay and his partner were awarded Small business of the year in 2011 and Clay was awarded the small businessperson of the year in 2013.

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